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Our Family of Operations

RFSI is a Breaking Ground Institute initiative. Breaking Ground Institute (BGI) is an education, event, and media company working to grow impactful niche market and business communities – including but not limited to agriculture and food – by facilitating opportunities to learn and build stronger business relationships and networks. We do this through the development of high-quality, informative events and related services, online platforms and publications. In addition to RFSI, BGI is responsible for the Emerging Leaders in Food & Ag series and Influential Women of the Sierra Nevada.

BGI is the national conference arm of Swift Communications, a family-owned media company founded in 1975 with a commitment to integrity; we bring light to truth, excellence to endeavor and strength to community. Sister operations to BGI in the Swift Communications family include local newspapers – including the Aspen Times, Vail Daily, Steamboat Pilot, the Tahoe Tribune, Park City Record and more – as well as a family of agricultural companies – including Acres U.S.A., The Fence Post, Tri-State Livestock News, and Backyard Poultry.