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Investments in regenerative agriculture and food systems not only support carbon sequestration to combat climate change but also offer healthy returns and numerous other ecological, economic, and social benefits. Despite the enormous potential for positive outcomes and returns, there’s still tremendous opportunity for growth and much to learn.

Regenerative Food Systems Investment was created to facilitate education and connections that will drive increased investment in regenerative agriculture and food. In 2019, we launched the inaugural Regenerative Food Systems Investment (RFSI) Forum, offering a unique convergence of investors and thought-leaders in the regenerative agriculture and food space. This is the can’t miss event for anyone interested in investing in agriculture for maximum impact and results. The program is designed to equip participants for successful participation in this investment space, as well as provide ample time to develop strategic business relationships.

Did you miss the 2020 RFSI Forum? You can still take home ALL of the valuable lessons with the REPLAY!

The RFSI Forum REPLAY is a comprehensive tool you will be able to refer back to and learn from long into the future. Each session from the entire 4-day program is its own lesson complete with speaker bios, video presentations, complete Q&A sessions and other additional resources and downloads. You won’t want to miss out on all this expert insight on strategies, challenges, new solutions and much, much more.



But We’re Much More Than an Annual Event!

We hope we will have the opportunity to see you all in-person for our Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum in September 2021, but we have a lot more going on too!

Our number one goal is to serve this community and the mission of moving our food and finance system forward by continuing to create opportunities for this impactful community to connect to information AND to each other. We believe that education and collaboration can make things happen. To that end, we invite you to stay engaged with us:

We have a new PRINT AND ONLINE DIRECTORY to help people find your resources.

We offer WEBINARS (live and ON DEMAND) to share the most relevant sector insight

We curate the bi-weekly RAISING REGENERATIVE NEWSLETTER, and

This year we added new events, including RFSI Australia – stay tuned for more event announcements!

You can always find us online on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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