Merge Impact Launches Groundbreaking Platform for Organic and Regenerative Agriculture

Merge Impact, a sustainable agriculture software and data management solutions company, has launched Merge Marketplace to address significant data needs in the regenerative crop space. The innovative platform is designed to revolutionize the $185 billion organic and regenerative agriculture markets by introducing tools and strategies focused on embedding fundamental market factors into everyday decision-making, while simultaneously promoting sustainable production practices. 


Addressing Market Gaps with Cutting-Edge Technology

The organic and regenerative agriculture sectors have long been hampered by the absence of clear market fundamentals in day-to-day operations. This can include supply and demand dynamics, price discovery mechanisms, and comprehensive trade flows. Merge Impact was founded in 2023 by former General Mills supply-chain sustainability executive, Beth Robertson-Martin and technical agronomist, Ben Adolph. Their latest launch, Merge Marketplace, introduces a suite of advanced solutions that bring these crucial market elements to the forefront. 

Sample of Merge Marketplace. Source: Merge Impact

The platform integrates state-of-the-art data analytics and monitoring tools, providing an unprecedented level of transparency and insight. Through better and more accessible data, technical resources, custom reporting and artificial intelligence mechanisms, Merge Marketplace ensures that producers can optimize their yield and realize all the associated benefits of a data-fueled organization.

The Marketplace’s verified insights and traceable product histories produce a level of transparency that builds trust amongst buyers and sellers. This is realized by elevating decision-making capabilities and providing greater depth on sustainability metrics and environmental impact. 

The platform also prioritizes eco-conscious market participants, creating a global community dedicated to sustainable farming practices. This dynamic not only de-commodifies agricultural products on a larger scale but also differentiates those involved by elevating the importance of product quality and environmental impact.


Building a Sustainable Future

By providing the tools, insights, and platform needed to thrive in the organic and regenerative markets, Merge empowers producers, buyers, and consumers to make choices that benefit the environment, their communities, and the food production marketplace.

For producers, the marketplace provides a unique opportunity to showcase sustainably grown products and earn additional income for the environmental benefits created on the farm.

On the other side, buyers – whether a conscientious consumer, a business looking to source sustainable ingredients, or an organization seeking to invest in a healthier planet – can use the platform to find range of transparently verified, regenerative, and organic products, allowing you to make informed purchasing decisions that align with your values.

“By providing stronger, data-supported connections between forward-thinking brands with verified regenerative farmers, we’re unlocking the power of market forces to drive meaningful environmental and social impact. This is not just about transactions; it’s about building relationships, supporting communities, and restoring ecosystems,” states Beth Robertson-Martin, CEO of Merge Impact.

“We’re proud to provide a platform that enables businesses to be part of the solution.”

The platform currently manages 51 ecosystem opportunities and over 500,000 tons of carbon assets, and will continue to unveil product launches on the interactive database and multiple feature releases for users in 2024.