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RFSI News is an online news source covering the latest developments in regenerative agriculture and food investment.

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Here you’ll find updates on the investment deals, on-going research, curated news from around the industry and insight from the players already operating in the space.

Financial Barriers and Investment Opportunities to Support the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

In the lead-up to the their March 28-29 event, the producers of the Regenerative Agriculture & Food Systems Summit USA sat down with RFSI's Founder and Managing Director, Sarah Day Levesque, to pinpoint some of the barriers that farmers face during their transition to regenerative practices and what investment opportunities ...
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SVB Fall Out: How Can Food and Ag Finance Do Better?

As the nation and world reflects on what the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) means for start-ups, businesses, and banking, we were wondering what exactly this tells us about our broken finance system. So, we asked two people – with diverse experiences in the finance system – to share ...
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Meet RFSI’s Newest Team Member

Regenerative Food Systems Investment is excited to welcome our new Business Development Manager, Ian Chamberlain, to the team! Ian’s multifaceted career includes working both domestically and internationally in agricultural business development and planning, operations management, strategic relationship building, procurement, and sales, focusing on positively impacting the world and improving the ...
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Black Farmer Fund Launches $20 Million Second Fund

With a successful pilot fund raised and more than two-thirds deployed, Black Farmer Fund (BFF) has announced an ambitious $20 million second fund: Black Farmer Fund 2.0. The new integrated capital fund will be comprised of $10 million in grants and $10 million in loans and an additional $1 million ...
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Women Leading Investment in Regenerative Food Systems

Here’s the bad news first: women are grossly under-represented in the finance and investment space, especially in key decision-making and leadership roles. Just take a look at some of the stats: In the U.S., female representation in investment decision-maker roles sits at just 10% in 2022, according to Alpha Architect ...
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How Mad Capital is Changing the Trajectory of Regenerative Farm Finance

In an agricultural system where degradation is perpetuated by an antiquated financial system that incentivizes the status quo, financing options that meet the unique needs of farmers transitioning to regenerative or organic practices are limited. Enter Mad Capital, an operation committed to finding innovative ways to support regenerative and organic ...
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A Primer for the Role of Capital Across the Ag Value Chain

There are few who have been advocating for capital investment in ecological and regenerative farming as long as Paul McMahon of SLM Partners, and while he claims this makes him sound old, we think it only emphasizes his deep expertise. Founded in 2009, SLM Partners has invested in land transformation ...
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How Key Lessons for Regenerative Farmers Can Be Applied to the Regenerative Food System Funder

Peer-to-peer learning and technical expertise are two keys to increasing farmer adoption of regenerative agriculture, which makes events like last week’s Regen Rev all the more valuable. The third-year online event, which I had the privilege of hosting again this year, is produced by Advancing Ecological Agriculture (AEA), Kind Harvest, ...
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Key Take Aways from RFSI Europe

How Capital Can Unlock 3 Levers to Build Regenerative Food Systems in Europe The global food system is ripe for change that addresses ecological, economic, climate and human health breakdowns. Regenerative agricultural and food systems have tremendous potential to address these looming crises and capital has the ability to enable ...
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Meet the Activator: Ooooby

Meet the Activator is a regular series designed to highlight the incredible and diverse solution builders activating capital for regeneration across the agriculture and food system.  Company: Ooooby Description of Company: Ooooby is a decentralized marketplace for local, ecological food. The company provides an easy way for farmers and food producers ...
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