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Here you’ll find updates on the investment deals, on-going research, curated news from around the industry and insight from the players already operating in the space.

5 Ways to Invest in the Stewards of Our Soil & Why It’s a No Brainer

The agriculture system is unique because it is deeply intertwined with so many other systems – food, finance, climate, policy – and at each level of society: local, regional, national and global. As a result, the way we operate agricultural systems can have unintended consequences far beyond the system itself ...
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Harvesting Crops, or Harvesting Insurance? How the USDA’s Crop Insurance Policy is Preventing a Regenerative Transition

As we emerge from yet another winter of record-breaking weather extremes, the global focus on food systems is justifiably intensifying. Regenerative agriculture continues to gain momentum as a solution to our climate woes – and many other issues, too, like social justice, improving farmer livelihoods, and revitalizing rural economies. As ...
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Mad Capital Launches $50M Perennial Fund II to Scale Regenerative Organic Agriculture in U.S.

Building on the success of their portfolio of funds supporting regenerative organic agriculture, Mad Capital has announced the launch of its Perennial Fund II (PFII) to provide farmers in the United States with tailored loans that help them transition to regenerative organic farmland, while also increasing farmer profits. PFII is ...
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9 Key Take Aways from RFSI Europe

Last week, RFSI held our first in-person RFSI Europe event in Brussels – where we gathered 275 diverse agriculture, food, and investment stakeholders. From farmers, to start-ups, to food companies, to funders and investors, we filled two days with robust conversation around how to build regenerative food systems, where and ...
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Meet the Activator: Clean Crop Technologies

Meet the Activator is a regular series designed to highlight the incredible and diverse solution builders activating capital for regeneration across the agriculture and food system. Activator: Dan White Company: Clean Crop Technologies Description of Company: Clean Crop Technologies (“Clean Crop”) stops crop loss at the source, removing pathogens from ...

How UK’s Sustainable Farming Policy Is (Or Isn’t) Shaping Farmer Success

When I get Ben Adams on the phone, a passing car nearly drowns out his voice. As usual, he is shuttling between farms and conference rooms for consulting projects and speaking engagements. Through his work, Ben is always engaged in hands-on work with farmer across the UK — the learning ...
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Leveraging the Complexity of Food Systems

How new tools can support superior investment decisions USD 29 trillion per year. That’s how much the Scientific Group of the UN Food Systems Summit estimated the annual costs of environmental, health and economic impacts of food systems in 2021. The same year, the economic value of the food produced ...
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Taking on Industrial Ag by Building Radically Different Supply Chains

Enormous challenges often take radical solutions… and sometimes come from the most unexpected people. Twenty years ago, Andy Cato was enjoying great success as half of the music duo Groove Armada, George Lamb had a busy career as a VJ and TV presenter, and Edd Lees was deep in a ...
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Fundamental Regenerative Ag Investing White Paper Gets Highly Anticipated Update

The wait is over! For those of us who have been zealous supporters of regenerative agriculture investing for years, the release for SLM Partners' highly anticipated new white paper – Investing in Regenerative Agriculture: Reflections From a Decade of Experience – is cause for celebration. For anyone interested in the ...
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European Regenerative Ag & Food Finance Map

There is an increasing number of individuals and organizations engaged in building regenerative agriculture and food systems around the globe. At Regenerative Food Systems Investment (RFSI) we understand that capital is key to advancing these systems. To support the growth of the space, RFSI works to help build a capital ...
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