What Makes RFSI Different?

Investments in regenerative food systems result in a cycle of beneficial outcomes that strengthen and regenerate ecological health, as well as the wealth and resources of all stakeholders, including producers, food processors, retailers, consumers and investors.

The Regenerative Food Systems Investment (RFSI) Forum is a first of its kind event that brings together investors and critical stakeholders to increase capital investment in this space. Our goal is to facilitate education about investment in regenerative agriculture and food, as well as build relationships and networks that will further the development of this investment opportunity and lead to increased deal activity.

Why you should attend:

  • Understand what makes investments in organic and regenerative agriculture and food different from other investments
  • Gain actionable market insight and learn what’s on the horizon for investment in the space
  • Identify viable opportunities for allocation of capital now
  • Gain tools for successful deployment of capital from those already making these investments
  • Make crucial connections to other actors in the space who can help advance your goals

Who should attend:

  • Investors
  • Fund managers
  • Foundations
  • Food companies and restaurants seeking to build or expand their organic or regenerative supply chain
  • Companies operating along the organic or regenerative food supply chain
  • Financial advisors and consultants
  • Other stakeholders seeking to advance investment in organic and regenerative food systems

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About RFSI Forum producers:

The RFSI Forum team brings more than two decades of combined experience executing high-quality agricultural and investing events and media coverage.

After more than a decade covering the agricultural investment sector and an additional five years working with regenerative farmers and the organic supply chain, it became clear that there is a tremendous opportunity to bring these two worlds together in an impactful way. Capital, from many diverse sources, is critical to the expansion of a regenerative food system, and the climate, ecological and social benefits that come with it.

With this in mind, we set out to create the RFSI Forum. Our goal is to work across diverse groups of funders and stakeholders to mobilize more capital for organic and regenerative food and agriculture projects. We also aim to perpetuate the expansion of information, data and tools to communicate the financial and ecological benefits of investments in a regenerative food system.

We hope you will join us in growing this crucial community.

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