EVENT :: RFSI Europe 2023

January 25th 2-5 pm CET

A Free Virtual Event to Catalyze Investment in Europe’s Regenerative Agriculture & Food Sector

There’s a diverse and growing ecosystem of organizations working to transform Europe’s agriculture and food system from extractive and degrading to resilient and regenerative. This transition will require a profound mindset shift, deep collaboration, bold innovation … and capital.

The RFSI Europe event will explore the critical role capital plays in enabling food system transformation across Europe. Event presentations, Q&A, and pitches will connect the dots between the people, organizations, capital, and concepts that will drive lasting change for soil health, food quality, human health, and the planetary well-being.


Registration is free. All registrants will be granted access to the event recording after the event.

What Will Be Covered:

A Look at the Funding Landscape for Regenerative Agriculture and Food in Europe

Capital is a critical tool in enabling and incentivizing new practices and approaches.

  • How is food system transformation being funded across Europe?
  • Who is doing it and with with type of capital?
  • What gaps exist today?
Enabling Land Transformation:

In the current system, farmers are incentivized to farm in a way that degrades their soil and contributes to pollution, climate change, and lower-quality food that does not regenerate human health and nutrition. What role can capital play in the transition to new ways of farming and creating systems that help enable farmers to steward the land regeneratively?

Building and Investing in the System

A regenerative food system requires change not just at the farm level but throughout the value chain. Farmers must have a system beyond the farm-gate that will uphold and reward the integrity of regeneratively produced products.

  • The development of mid-supply chain infrastructure and end markets for regenerative products are a key missing link. How can we fill this gap and who can help de-risk and fund these opportunities?
  • Innovative tools exist to help enable a faster transition on and off the farm. How and what kind of capital can help expedite this by bringing these tools to fruition faster?


Registration is free. All registrants will be granted access to the event recording after the event.

Where Are We Now?

So what does the regenerative agriculture and food funding ecosystem look like in Europe today? We’ve created a map to show you! Download map here.


The goals of RFSI Europe include to:

  • Define the opportunities for investment and capital needed to move these systems forward
  • Connect investors and funders from across the region (and the world) to the opportunities in regenerative agriculture
  • Address the barriers for further adoption of and investment in of this type of system
  • Examine and learn from success stories and case studies
  • Facilitate a dialogue between the many diverse actors in the regenerative agriculture, food, finance and investment ecosystem


Agenda | Virtual Program

RFSI Europe will be held on three consecutive Tuesday afternoons: Nov. ?, Nov. ?, and Dec. ? from 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. GMT (Tuesday mornings from ?? – ?? in the U.S.). Each day will feature 2 hours of learning followed by optional small-group networking.

All registrants will be granted access to recordings after the event.

Registration Rates

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Producers and Non-profits receive 25% off registration.


Please note: Registration rates are in USD
Day One
Day 1
May 25 (USA) | May 26 (AUS)
Foundations for Regenerative Ag Investment Strategy: The What, Why, and How
May 25th
Time zone: EDT
May 26th
Time zone: AEST
7:00 PM EDT
9:00 AM AEST
7:10 PM EDT
9:10 AM AEST
Defining Regenerative Agriculture as a Practice
Terry McCosker, Director, RCS
7:25 PM EDT
9:25 AM AEST
Perspectives: Regenerative Food Systems
Featuring: Cassie Duncan, Sustainable Table Investment Cooperative; Adam Gibson, Cultivate Ventures; Venetia Scott, Farmer
7:40 PM EDT
9:40 AM AEST
Framing the Problem: Capital as a Barrier to Regenerative Food Systems
Hayley Morris, The Morris Group
7:55 PM EDT
9:55 AM AEST
A 7Cs Approach to Investing in Regenerative Food Systems
Nigel Sharp, Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund
8:15 PM EDT
10:15 AM AEST
Valuing & Monetizing Natural Capital in Regenerative Ag Investment
Toby Grogan, Natural Capital Manager, Impact Ag Partners
8:55 PM EDT
10:55 AM AEST
Perspectives: What Natural Capital Markets Mean for Investment in Regenerative Agriculture
Featuring: Ben Krasnostein, Kilara Capital; Carolyn Suggate, ORICoop; Adrian Ward, Accounting for Nature
9:10 PM EDT
11:10 AM AEST
A First Nations Perspective on Regenerative Food & Agriculture
Jade Miles and Joshua Gilbert
9:40 PM EDT
11:40 AM AEST
Building Ally Relationships with First Nations Communities
Christopher Steele, Palmary Solutions
9:50 PM EDT
11:50 AM AEST
Systems Approach to Investing in Regeneration
Robyn O'Brien, rePlant Capital
10:05 PM EDT
12:05 PM AEST
Panel: What Makes an Opportunity Investable?
Moderated by: Adam Gibson
Panelists: Serhat Cicekoglu, Sente Foundry; Josephine Korijn, New AJE Capital; Barry Palte, EQ Capital Partners
10:50 PM EDT
12:50 PM AEST
Day 1 Wrap-up
11:00 PM EDT
1:00 PM AEST
Day Two
Day 2
May 26 (USA) | May 27 (AUS)
The Practice of Investing in Regenerative Ag: How to Invest for Impact
May 26th
Time zone: EDT
May 27th
Time zone: AEST
7:00 PM EDT
9:00 AM AEST
Welcome & Review of Day 1
7:10 PM EDT
9:10 AM AEST
A Look at the Landscape of Opportunities: How is Capital Being Deployed to Australian Regenerative Food Systems
Alasdair MacLeod, Macdoch Ag Group
7:40 PM EDT
9:40 AM AEST
Case Study: One Million Acre Regenerative Grazing Land
Paul McMahon & Graham Finlayson, SLM Partners
8:00 PM EDT
10:00 AM AEST
Panel: Connecting Agriculture Investment to Conservation & Water
Tanya Massy; Carolyn Suggate, Organic Investment Cooperative
8:35 PM EDT
10:35 AM AEST
Case Study: Investing in Data as an Asset Using Blended Capital
Mike Taitoko & Nathalie Whitaker, TOHA
8:50 PM EDT
10:50 AM AEST
Investing in Technology to Advance Regenerative Food Systems
Sarah Nolet, Tenacious Ventures; Nancy Schellhorn, RapidAIM; Jocie Bate, SwarmFarm
9:30 PM EDT
11:30 AM AEST
Case Study
9:45 PM EDT
11:45 AM AEST
Investor Round Up
10:10 PM EDT
12:10 PM AEST
New & Innovative Sources of Capital
Lee Brennan, Future Super; Paul McMahon, SLM Partners
10:50 PM EDT
12:50 PM AEST
Program Wrap-up
11:00 PM EDT
1:00 PM AEST
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We’re gathering a diverse group of practitioners and thought-leaders for an informative and engaging agenda. Check out the line-up we have for you, plus more added each day!

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