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Northfield, Minnesota U.S.A.

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We are a private, Minnesota-based regenerative poultry systems training and development company.

Regenerative Poultry at Scale

We offer an advanced virtual regenerative poultry training platform and land-based hands-on learning for farmers and agriculture service providers.

Our primary goal is to be the premiere national and global regenerative poultry training and systems development platform.

We are a minority-led business, and our system design centers on an indigenous foundation, on nature’s own -where chickens evolved over time- under the trees. Building on ancestral wisdom and knowledge, we seek to return poultry to the land. We have adapted ancestral ways for scalability under standards and protocols to meet modern market conditions and consumer expectations. By designing with the highest level of animal, human welfare, and social and economic impact considerations, we ensure a level of supply chain integrity that can deliver on high-level outcomes such as the international sustainable development goals.

Social Impact: We are BIPOC founded and led

Our founder is an indigenous farmer who grew up on the land and knows the importance of food security for everyone.  Our team and our training are committed to ensuring that your investment in us generates the highest level of impact, with a strong focus on intentional inclusion of the BIPOC community.   Diversity, inclusion, equity, and collective wealth are all realistic outcomes of modern-day, real regenerative poultry design.

Building a National Regenerative Poultry System

Our virtual training platform is accessible from anywhere, so we can train every producer interested in regenerative poultry.  Our training is clear, concise, and adaptable to local climate conditions.

Hands-on Training farms:

We have working farms established as physical training locations in Minnesota to train farmers in real-time.

We Are an Ecosystem:

We are not simply a company; we are part of a multilayered set of enterprises. We deliver regenerative poultry training while partners work on supply chain management, processing, aggregation, branding, marketing, and distribution.  Through in-depth training, we are de-risking the regenerative poultry landscape, so we can collectively transition aspiring farmers into regenerative poultry with the support they need for long-term success.

Grow with us, lets built THE regenerative poultry industry of the future.

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