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Managing PartnerGuilherme MoreiraEmail Guilherme Moreira

Agro Fund One, Limited is a US based investment fund targeting the agricultural sector in North, Central and South America. We believe a healthier food system is the solution to critical global challenges like climate change, healthcare and nutrition. Food producers who expect to flourish, must consider human and environmental health just as much as taste and profit. Our strategy focuses on adding value to our portfolio companies by providing resources and relationships that help them prosper and scale.

Having built an international team and strategic vision, our fund’s scalable enterprise model utilizes the resources and, more importantly, the dynamic international relationships earned through our developments-to-date. During our four years of verifiable turnover, Agro Fund One invested in a range of sectors from logistics, processing, growing and ag-tech innovations. Our first urban farm investment was part of our previous Eastern European portfolio and dated back to 2017 in Omsk, Russia. This project involved an abandoned urban warehouse that was repurposed to indoor growing and research operations.

Agro Fund One’s managing partner, Guilherme Moreira, believes two major initiatives will drive systemic positive change in our food system: “The implementation of climate smart indoor farms supporting high yields hydroponics in high risk geographies is proven to be the gateway to commercial scale food supply and national food security in regions of the world affected by climate change. The second initiative is to convert conventional commercial farmland to regenerative by introducing the right technology and a more holistic management approach to that land.”

Our model aligns financial goals for investors with positive impacts for other stakeholders: the environment, farm managers, consumers, our communities, and future generations. Each investment accelerates the transition to sustainable agricultural systems and consumption patterns by supporting advanced business models across the supply chain that are rapidly growing, safeguarding nature, promoting fairness, and positively impacting the food system.