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Soil Works LLC was founded with a vision to correct the cause of soil and plant nutrient deficiencies. Our first commercially available product, GSR Calcium, was designed to specifically address soil compaction and remediate salt toxicities. The company has since expanded to offer biological inoculants, bio-stimulants, and consulting services. Soil Works LLC globally services conventional, transitional, and organic customers.

Genesis Soil Rite (GSR) Calcium is proprietarily manufactured by Soil Works LLC and has successfully achieved stabilization of a near elemental calcium. The large surface area and density of GSR Calcium allows the product to be applied to the soil solution at a grams per acre rate. By addressing the calcium needs of the soil solution, GSR Calcium corrects soil mineral imbalances with low application rate, easy application, and very low environmental footprint. Upon application, GSR Calcium flocculates the soil establishing pore space allowing water to penetrate the soil. As GSR Calcium migrates through the soil profile and begins dissolving, the calcium ions are available to return productivity to compacted agricultural soils at a fraction of the environmental and economic costs of traditional remediation techniques.

Soil compaction is often the number one limiting factor to successful agricultural production. Globally, the agricultural industry has focused on reacting to the symptoms of compaction, rather than correcting the cause. Compaction effects a soils water holding capacity, erosion potential and resulting contamination of aquatic environments, and a soils potential for carbon storage.

Due to the inefficiency of standard soil remediation techniques, GSR Calcium allows compacted soils to increase porosity and water penetration in less than 30 days. In addition, GSR Calcium reduces fuel input costs for the farmer by eliminating the need for tons of agricultural amendments.

Traditional management techniques take years to remediate compaction. With Soil Works and GSR Calcium the process is rapidly accelerated with measurable results within matter of days. Soil Works LLC and GSR Calcium is positioned as a primer to regenerative agricultural management enhancing the bio-availability of fertilizers, improving crop yields, and reducing input costs for the farmer.