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VP Corp. Marketing & CommunicationsMichelle YoshinakaEmail Michelle Yoshinaka

Sound Agriculture creates on-demand crop solutions that lead to more sustainable, healthier, and tastier food. Our science-backed approach unlocks the power within plants to grow food in a way that is more agile and resilient to climate change and consumer demands.

Growers need new ways to improve efficiency and productivity while supporting a healthy ecosystem. Rather than adding more to the land, we are enhancing the natural systems that already exist. SOURCE™ stimulates microbes in the soil to provide access to more nitrogen and phosphorus at the root zone, reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizer, which can have significant environmental consequences. Growers are able to enhance yield, maintain profitability, and improve environmental outcomes.

Sound Agriculture’s on-demand breeding platform is the fastest way to enhance traits without adding or modifying genes, resulting in more sustainable, nutritions, and flavorful food. From heirloom tomatoes with a longer shelf life to soy protein that is more resistant to disease, we are breeding new plant varieties that are better for everyone.

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