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RFSI News is an online news source covering the latest developments in regenerative agriculture and food investment.

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Here you’ll find updates on the investment deals, on-going research, curated news from around the industry and insight from the players already operating in the space.

Leveraging the Complexity of Food Systems

How new tools can support superior investment decisions USD 29 trillion per year. That’s how much the Scientific Group of the UN Food Systems Summit estimated the annual costs of environmental, health and economic impacts of food systems in 2021. The same year, the economic value of the food produced ...
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Taking on Industrial Ag by Building Radically Different Supply Chains

Enormous challenges often take radical solutions… and sometimes come from the most unexpected people. Twenty years ago, Andy Cato was enjoying great success as half of the music duo Groove Armada, George Lamb had a busy career as a VJ and TV presenter, and Edd Lees was deep in a ...
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Fundamental Regenerative Ag Investing White Paper Gets Highly Anticipated Update

The wait is over! For those of us who have been zealous supporters of regenerative agriculture investing for years, the release for SLM Partners' highly anticipated new white paper – Investing in Regenerative Agriculture: Reflections From a Decade of Experience – is cause for celebration. For anyone interested in the ...
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European Regenerative Ag & Food Finance Map

There is an increasing number of individuals and organizations engaged in building regenerative agriculture and food systems around the globe. At Regenerative Food Systems Investment (RFSI) we understand that capital is key to advancing these systems. To support the growth of the space, RFSI works to help build a capital ...
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Meet the Activator: Lively Earth

Meet the Activator is a regular series designed to highlight the incredible and diverse solution builders activating capital for regeneration across the agriculture and food system. Activator: Fanny Corpet Company: Lively EarthDescription of Company: Lively Earth is a non-profit collective bringing together key players committed to regenerative agriculture (Omie, Naturalia, ...

Why We Need to Talk More About the Economics of Regenerative Agriculture

There can be no doubt that the regenerative agriculture movement is growing. This is evidenced by the number of new regenerative agriculture market reports proclaiming an expected 14-16% CAGR through 2030, the number of multi-national food corporations conducting pilots and creating programs for regenerative agriculture in recent years, by the ...
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RFSI’s Top Read Stories of 2023

Despite the economic downturn that had a stark impact on investment across asset classes, 2023 was a busy year for the development and investment in regenerative agriculture and food. RFSI News covered the year with both curated news from around the sector and with stories of our own. Here’s a ...
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Reframing Our Understanding of Regenerative

If you are familiar with John Kempf’s work, you might know that he is one of the leading experts in biological and regenerative farming today.   Or you might know that he got his start in agriculture when he was very young and a quest to better understand plant immunity ...
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2023 Regenerative Holiday Gift Giving

The holiday season is among us! So we've put together a list of gift guides from regenerative food and agriculture organizations in our community to help you find just the right gift for everyone on your gift list. Choosing a gift from one of these guides comes with the added ...
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Growing Returns: Agroforestry’s Success Over Technical and Financial Obstacles

For more than three decades, Keavin Hill has managed corn, soy, and wheat across approximately 4,000 acres of farmland that covers parts of both southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky. But today these properties are starting to look a little different. This past summer Hill Farms added 51,000 chestnut trees across ...
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