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Here you’ll find updates on the investment deals, on-going research, curated news from around the industry and insight from the players already operating in the space.

Farmer Mental Health Crisis is Another Call for Systems Transformation

Farmers and ranchers are twice as likely as people in other occupations to die by suicide, according to 2020 data from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Sit with that startling stat for a moment. Now, consider that despite that mental health effects of the pandemic should be ...
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Transition Finance: What Is It and Why We Need to Avoid Tunnel Vision

As regenerative agriculture gains traction, an important spotlight has been shone on farmers and their on-farm transition to regenerative practices. We’ve discussed the barriers to transition for farmers at length. The most prominent of these include cultural barriers, technical know-how, access to markets, and financial constraints. The last of these ...

Market Signals for Regenerative and the Drivers Behind Them

In 2023, the ecosystem of operations working to build regenerative farming and food systems seems to be growing rapidly. This is in large part because regenerative agriculture – at scale – promises to address many of the challenges to the current system, with positive impacts that include agronomic, operational, environmental, ...
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What’s New in 2023 at the RFSI Forum

Regenerative Food Systems Investment is pleased to announce the 5th annual RFSI Forum on September 26-27 - the ONLY event that exclusively brings together investors, capital activators, and critical stakeholders working to build regenerative food systems. The RFSI Forum is the gathering to catalyze meaningful conversation, advance education, and drive ...
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After 2 Shark Tank Investments, Chapul Opens $10M Series A to Leverage Insects for Soil Health and Reduced Food Waste

Diverting organics from landfills is the #1 actionable item to address climate change, but we "lack scalable technologies" to address the problem (Project Drawdown, 2022). In the US alone there is over 83 million tons of food waste per year. Several state and federal mandates call for vast reductions, yet ...
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Meet the Activator: Trace

Meet the Activator is a regular series designed to highlight the incredible and diverse solution builders activating capital for regeneration across the agriculture and food system. Company: Trace Femcare, Inc. Description of Company: We innovate supply chains to make hemp fiber consumer health products, starting with period care, that support ...

Financial Barriers and Investment Opportunities to Support the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

In the lead-up to the their March 28-29 event, the producers of the Regenerative Agriculture & Food Systems Summit USA sat down with RFSI's Founder and Managing Director, Sarah Day Levesque, to pinpoint some of the barriers that farmers face during their transition to regenerative practices and what investment opportunities ...
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SVB Fall Out: How Can Food and Ag Finance Do Better?

As the nation and world reflects on what the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) means for start-ups, businesses, and banking, we were wondering what exactly this tells us about our broken finance system. So, we asked two people – with diverse experiences in the finance system – to share ...
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Meet RFSI’s Newest Team Member

Regenerative Food Systems Investment is excited to welcome our new Business Development Manager, Ian Chamberlain, to the team! Ian’s multifaceted career includes working both domestically and internationally in agricultural business development and planning, operations management, strategic relationship building, procurement, and sales, focusing on positively impacting the world and improving the ...

Black Farmer Fund Launches $20 Million Second Fund

With a successful pilot fund raised and more than two-thirds deployed, Black Farmer Fund (BFF) has announced an ambitious $20 million second fund: Black Farmer Fund 2.0. The new integrated capital fund will be comprised of $10 million in grants and $10 million in loans and an additional $1 million ...
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