RR News Update: April 12, 2019


The latest Raising Regenerative News update shared word of some innovative companies and sectors turning their heads to regenerative agriculture.

Kernza Fuels New Food Products

Patagonia and Cascadian Farm are both utilizing kernza, a perennial variety of wheatgrass that stores carbon in its exceptionally long root system. The results are tasty.
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Large-scale Regenerative Agriculture Can Be Profitable

A relatively new Brazilian start-up, Rizoma, operates under the belief that large-scale regenerative agriculture can be profitable and has set out to prove its case.
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It’s Not All About Food When We Talk Regenerative Agriculture

Global fashion brands are looking at ways they can source fiber and animal products that are grown/raised regeneratively. Patagonia, Kering, and Prana are all rolling out commitments to sustainable materials. Read more here

On the April 3 podcast Wardrobe Crisis, The Sustainable Angle’s Nina Marenzi talks about the frightening loss of topsoil, what can be done to reverse it, and how the fashion industry is complicit. Listen here


Not Your Traditional Farmland Finance

The innovation isn’t only in production and supply chains either; we are seeing an increasing number of financial vehicles develop to support the expansion of regenerative food systems through different kinds of investment. The story of Iroquois Valley Farms is among these:

Iroquois Valley Farms, an Illinois-based finance company, is working to change land ownership in the US Midwest and Northeast. Holding approximately $50 million in farmland investments, Iroquois aims to give younger farmers the start they need to practice organic and regenerative farming methods.
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What We’re Listening To

We found some good listens on the airwaves this time around…both diving into the benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture with Ethan Soloviev

Ethan Soloviev, EVP of Research at HowGood, takes a deep dive on regenerative agriculture based on his broad research experience in 34 countries and on his own farm.
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How is Regenerative Agriculture Better?

John Kempf of Advancing Eco Agriculture talks about thinking differently about agronomy so we can regenerate both the soil and farmers’ bank accounts.
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