RR News Update: August 15, 2019


The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report set the media abuzz with its claim that the world food supply is threatened by the climate crisis. Raising Regenerative highlights how regenerative agriculture is a focus as world leaders look for solutions. Also, the debate about beef continues to simmer, soil bioinformatics are in the spotlight, Democratic hopefuls are promoting plans that combat climate change, and much more.

Leading Off:

Climate Change Threatens World Food Supply, United Nations Warns
The IPCC report predicts shrinking water and land resources, increasing food shortages, and rising cross-border migration as extreme weather threatens to disrupt, and over time shrink, the global food supply.
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With Food Supply Under Threat, These Fixes Could Go a Long Way
If agriculture is done right, experts say, it can be less of a climate change problem and more of a climate change solution. “Natural climate solutions” that sequester carbon in the soil can play a
major role.
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Regenerative Farming Practices Critical in Addressing Climate and Food Emergencies
Individual consumer choices about what to eat won’t be enough to get rid of a bad system. We must replace current systems of agriculture and food production with agroecological and regenerative practices.
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In The Headlines:

Is Grass-Fed Beef Really Better For The Planet? Here’s The Science
As studies point to animal agriculture as a climate threat and meat alternatives surge in popularity, carnivores are looking for answers about the benefits of grass-fed beef.
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Forward-thinking Organizations Line Up in Support of Regenerative Ag
Companies such as Allbirds, Patagonia, Organic Valley, and Everlane see regenerative agriculture and the associated carbon benefits as a deeper opportunity to move the needle on climate change.
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The Dirt on Dirt Capital
Dirt Capital Partners is willing to go against the big ag grain, lending money to young farmers and small farms. The for-profit investors have allocated $15 million in 22 projects spanning 3,800 acres.
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Deal Activity:

Biome Makers Hits Benchmark in Goal to Reverse Soil Degradation
This week saw a vote of confidence in the financial viability and global relevance of soil bioinformatics as the soil science startup Biome Makers closed its $4 million Series A funding round.
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MVP Dairy to Help Supply Danone Yogurt Plant
The Ohio dairy farm is part of Danone’s “cost plus” model which allows for more focus on investments for long-term sustainability in areas such as soil health and regenerative agriculture.
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Policy Proposals:

Warren Would Pay Farmers to Fight Climate Change Under New Plan
The White House hopeful’s farm economy plan aims to jumpstart the agriculture sector by, in part, incentivizing the community to invest in sustainable farming practices.
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NRDC Says Booker’s Climate Stewardship Act Is Just in Time
The New Jersey Senator’s prosed bill would dramatically increase funding for the Soil Health Demonstration Trial (SHDT) up to $100 million annually to pay farmers for the carbon sequestered in their soil.
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What We’re Reading:

Regeneration Offers Profitable Climate Change Approach 
A new documentary that illuminates the impact of chemical-based farming on human and environmental health, features Midwestern farmers who have made the switch to regenerative.
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The Argument for Urban Agriculture
Accessibility to food in urban areas is tied closely to the health of communities. The author looks at how four cities are addressing their food challenges with urban agriculture.
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What We’re Listening to:

The $100 Trillion Bond Market Everyone in Regenerative Ag and Food Should Know About
Sean Kidney spoke to the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast about his Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) that has money to spend on climate change solutions.
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Putting the Radical Center into Practice in Government
Kate Greenberg, Colorado’s new Commissioner of Agriculture, joined Down to Earth, the Planet to Plate Podcast to talk about regenerative agriculture and bringing together people from all sides to find solutions.
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Keep an eye out for the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast onsite at the Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum Sept. 30-Oct. 1. Join host Koen van Seijan and stakeholders from across the investment and regenerative agriculture space at this year’s event in Oakland!


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