RR News Update: July 2, 2019


In this abbreviated, July 4th holiday edition, Raising Regenerative looks at the Green New Deal and its implications for regenerative agriculture. RFSI Forum speaker Eric Jackson discusses how finance products can help farmers transition to organics and regenerative. We also highlight agroforestry, natural fertilizers, and the growing trend to include purpose-driven startups in consumer goods portfolios. We wish a happy and safe Fourth of July to all of our readers!

Green New Deal Wants Farmers to Restore the Land
When Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) unveiled the Green New Deal in February, participants in the regenerative agriculture movement received further confirmation that they were on the right track. The Green New Deal—a broad resolution designed to accelerate decarbonization of the economy while supporting job growth and community health—is encouraging to regenerative ranchers. The sweeping framework—and surprisingly, Silicon Valley tech—could help soil-repairing practices like regenerative agriculture take off.

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More Legacy Companies Are Acquiring Purpose-Driven Startups: Here’s How To Do It Right
Around 70 percent of U.S. consumers say they’d rather buy from environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious companies, according to market research published in January. As people continue to gravitate toward sustainable brands, the legacy companies that once dominated the consumer goods segment are in a race to shake up their product portfolios and compete with purpose-driven startups.

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What We’re Listening To:

Financing More Grain and Soy Farmers to Transition to Organic an Beyond
Pipeline Foods is working with Rabobank and other funders to design and implement transition finance products to help farmers transitioning to organic and beyond. Listen in as the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture podcast talks with Eric Jackson, CEO and founder of Pipeline Foods.

Eric Jackson started his career at The Pillsbury Company and became the Manager of Market Development for their Specialty Commodities Group. In 1998, he became Vice President of Commodity Operations at the Publicly-traded International Proteins Corporation (IPC). When the executive team decided to delist IPC, Eric, along with the former Chairman of IPC, purchased the trading book, physical assets and the IPC name and recapitalized the business as a privately held entity in 1990. In 1998, Eric architected the sale of IPC to The Scoular Company where he joined the Board of Directors and formed their Industrial Markets Division. In 2007, Eric formed a new venture under the Chicago Climate Exchange to develop carbon sequestration programs for farmers and landowners. This led to the formation of Conservis Corp. in 2009 to develop a management software platform for large scale farming enterprises. Eric left Conservis at the end of 2016 to lead Pipeline Foods. He received his B.S. in Agricultural Economics from University of Illinois before moving to his new home state of Minnesota.

Eric Jackson will present a case study on “Building Integrated Supply Chains Through Strategic Investment” at the Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum in Oakland, CA,  September 30-October 1. 

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What We’re Reading:

Farming with Trees: Food in a Future with Climate Change
Raising Cane Ranch doesn’t look like a typical farm. You won’t find neatly tilled rows or evenly spread sprouts. Instead, the crops mimic a natural ecosystem that mixes trees and shrubs into food crops, benefitting soil and water quality while helping protect farmers from harvest failure.

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Why Natural Fertilizers Can Help Improve Soil Health
Investing in soil health, whether in natural fertilizers that focus on the soil microbiome, in waste-based fertilizers that convert food waste, or in technology that creates nitrogen-based fertilizer from manure plus air, agtech companies are finding creative ways to enrich the soil without synthetics.

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