RR News Update: June 6, 2019


Raising Regenerative has a one-on-one interview with RFSI Forum speaker Esther Park of Cienega Capital explaining her company’s motivations for investing in regenerative agriculture. Watch another of our faculty for the Sep 30 – Oct 1 event, Shauna Sadowski of General Mills, as she discusses how big companies can help boost economic resilience in farming communities through soil health. Also find the winners of the first Moonshot Challenge, a new collaboration for Impact Capital Managers, and more!


Investor Insight:

Esther Park Explains Cienega Capital’s Investing Approach
Esther Park is the CEO of Cienega Capital, a regenerative investment firm focused on systemic change in soil health, regenerative agriculture, and local food systems. She sat down with Raising Regenerative to explain her company’s motivations for investing in regenerative food and agriculture and what challenges still lie ahead. Read more here

Hear more from Esther Park at the Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum where she will participate in a session showcasing investor perspectives on the opportunities for and barriers to investment in this space. Learn more about the RFSI Forum speaking faculty here.


Beyond Sustainability:

Regenerative Agriculture is Getting More Mainstream; How Scalable is it?
Regenerative ag doesn’t just seek to halt humans’ impact on the environment, but to reverse it. Is it too good to be true? AgFunder looks at what companies large and small are doing to go beyond sustainable. Read more here



FoodShot Global Announces Winners of First Moonshot Challenge
The collaborative capital investment platform that catalyzes innovation to transform the food system announced the winners of Innovating Soil 3.0. Trace Genomics received an investment from FoodShot Venture Partner S2G Ventures while the GroundBreaker Prize was awarded to three individuals working in soil health. Read more here


Climate-smart Agriculture:

Dutch Farmers Plot a Greener Revolution by Sowing Biodiversity
As soil quality in The Netherlands is reaching a state of exhaustion,  banks, farmers, food producers, and conservation groups are coming together to put agro-biodiversity on the menu. Read more here

Syngenta’s Regenerative Plan is Helping Olive Groves Flourish
Soil erosion on some Andalusian olive groves has been reduced by 95% and beneficial insects are thriving as cover cropping initiatives allow the soil to fulfil its role as a carbon sink. Read more here

These stories are from Ethical Corporation’s in-depth briefing on climate-smart agriculture around the world. Read more from this issue here


Driving Change:

Kirschenmann Lecturer Tackles Regenerative

Shauna Sadowski, a featured speaker at the upcoming RFSI Forum, discussed how companies like General Mills can play a role in elevating the importance of regenerative agricultural practices, and prioritize improved soil health, biodiversity, and economic resilience in farming communities.
Watch here

Shauna Sadowski will be presenting Drivers of Demand for Regenerative Food at the Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum, Sept. 30-Oct. 1. Learn more about the Forum’s speaking faculty here.


Deal Activity and New Projects:

New Collaborative Promotes Market-Rate Impact Investments 
Impact Capital Managers, a network of private equity and venture capital funds, is investing in companies that advance conservation outcomes.  Thirty percent of the 2018 GIIN Impact Investor Survey respondents plan to increase their allocation to the sector as interest skyrockets.  Read more here

Pukka Herbs Launches Latest Sustainability Report
The organic herbal wellbeing company shows how they have scaled up and stayed sustainable, from investing in regenerative organic agriculture practices to working on research into natural and preventive health. BCorp recognized the company’s carbon reduction commitment. Read more here


Survey Says:

Consumers Show Interest in Regenerative Agriculture
The International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2019 Food & Health Survey found 22% of respondents said they had heard of regenerative agriculture and 55% said they had not heard of it but were interested in learning more. Read more here


What We’re Listening to:

Grounded Growth Founder Talks to The Modern Acre
From Capitol Hill to creating partnerships for regenerative farmers and food companies, Sara Harper has spent her life trying to bring positive change to the ag world. Hear how she is building a movement from the ground up. Listen here

de Liedekerke Says Financially Literate Farm Managers are Key
“The suit” needs to learn the challenges of farming and the farmer needs to understand the level of reporting and milestones the fund manager needs to raise capital. The SoilCapital co-founder explains on Investing in Regenerative AgricultureListen here


On The Hill:

Maine’s Rep. Pingree Wants Fellow Farmers to Lead Climate Discussion
The longtime farmer and advocate for organic agriculture is pushing Congress to do more to listen to growers, saying: “I think the public has stepped up and started to say, ‘I want to know what my lawmaker is doing to deal with this pending crisis.’” Read more here