RR News Update: September 12, 2019

Deal Activity

Ag fund Invests in Vancouver Blueberry Processor

Agriculture Capital, a big investor in permanent crops including blueberries, is investing in Firestone Pacific Foods to help the company expand processing and cold storage capacity.

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Terramera Raises $45 Million to Cut Pesticide Use

A Vancouver clean-technology company that uses natural ingredients to kill bedbugs has raised $45 million to pursue a bigger goal: slashing chemical use by farmers worldwide.

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Cooks Venture Secures Funding

The regenerative agriculture company announced the close of a $12 million senior secured financing round provided by AMERRA Capital Management to sell slow growth heirloom chickens.

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Sustainability Risk Management Solutions for the Ag Supply Chain

Growers Edge Financial, Inc. has partnered with Sustainable Environmental Consultants to ensure its customers have financial support to meet the challenges of sustainable agriculture.

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Regenerative in the Spotlight

Be Rid of Carbon Emissions: Pay Farmers to Bury Them

What if there was a way to combat climate change that didn’t require technological breakthroughs, carbon taxes or eliminating all fossil fuels?

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Global Food Supply Faces Devestation But Hope Remains

While threats to food production are varied and region-specific, a single story connects them: Climate change is becoming something we can taste.

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Focus on Fabrics

Timberland is Developing ‘Net-positive’ Fashion Supply Chains

Timberland’s sustainability director, Colleen Vien, reports that fashion brands are not only beginning to face up to their historic role in environmental degradation – but to begin working towards a “net-positive” vision.

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California Cotton: A 10-Acre Model Toward Regeneration

California Cotton is part of the agricultural system wherein shifting practices opens pathways for whole systems regeneration. This deep dive looks at the crop from soil to skin and how a shift to regenerative can happen.

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Rethinking Infrastructure

Agriculture and Transportation Infrastructure in a Climate Changed U.S.

Conservation engineer John Mitchell, explores the widespread change that would be needed to move the existing U.S. electric grid from fossil fuels to renewable power sources. If the industrialized world wants to maintain its current form while preventing the collapse of the global ecosystem, its agriculture system will need to be made sustainable and vehicles will need to be electrified.

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What We’re Reading

Compost Key to Sequestering Carbon in the Soil

By moving beyond the surface level and literally digging deep, scientists at the University of California, Davis, have found that compost is a key to storing carbon in semiarid cropland soils, a strategy for offsetting CO2 emissions.

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The Climate Crisis Secret

Livestock is a major contributor to climate change. But in the scientific community, there’s a surprising lack of consensus around just how much livestock production is adding to the problem. Environmental researcher Nicholas Carter makes the case for a new approach.

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What We’re Listening To

Feeding the World with Regenerative Agriculture

The Sustainable Dish Podcast hosts Dr. Allen Williams a healthy soil consultant and 6th generation farmer/rancher at Joyce Farms. They debunk the myth that we can’t feed our population without large-scale factory farming.

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The Modern Acre Podcast Talks Regenerative Agriculture

Paul Grieve of Primal Pastures joins the Nuss brothers to explain how his goal to grow good food for his family turned into a successful pastured livestock farm that delivers fresh meat directly to consumers.

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The Investing in Regenerative Ag Podcast Highlights RFSI Forum

Our own Sarah Day Levesque spoke about the upcoming gathering of industry pioneers and what is in store for attendees at the groundbreaking new event.

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