Reflections from Our Community on Earth Day

This year, for the 51st Earth Day, Raising Regenerative News took some time to speak with the stakeholders in our community about what Earth Day means for them and their work in regenerative food systems. These are the people on the ground creating solutions to the challenges of expanding and scaling the environmental, climate, health, economic and social benefits of regenerative agriculture and food.

Beyond being generally inspired by these perspectives, we found the thoughts shared by those building and investing in resilient, climate and environmentally friendly food systems to be a beautiful reflection of what this day was designed for back in 1970: to celebrate and raise awareness about environmental protection. They also serve as a steadfast reminder that the true power of celebration, reflection and learning on Earth Day comes from its translation into action. There is much work to be done to heal our Earth from the soil up. Regenerative agriculture, and the food and financial systems it operates within, hold incredible potential for positive, lasting impact.

Enjoy these thoughtful words shared by leaders from across the regenerative food system about the importance of taking time to celebrate, learn, and then take action!


Reflections on Celebration:

“For me, Earth Day has always been a reminder that the planet gives us everything we love and celebrate.  Celebrating the Earth reminds me that we are a mere byproduct of its magic and power.”

Alex Mackey
VP, Investor Relations
Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT


“Earth Day 2021 is themed “Restore Our Earth”. I cannot think of a better opportunity for restoring the Earth than through regenerative agricultural systems that can both reduce carbon and restore soil health. These systems showcase the potential for agriculture’s role as part of the solution to climate change – rather than as a cause. On this Earth Day, I support our farmers and ranchers who, through innovation and dedication, are creating a more sustainable food system that can help restore the Earth.”

Debbie Reed
Executive Director
Ecosystem Services Market Consortium


“On Earth Day, we get a chance to celebrate life on our planet. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what a healthy and sustainable environment means and focus on what we need to do to achieve it.

At Propagate, we get to live this celebration daily as we work to build thriving agricultural ecosystems with agroforestry. Trees are part of what keeps us progressing each day since they are a symbol for restoration & ecological health.

Personally, having been born on Earth Day, my “why” is uniquely connected to a thriving planet and I am grateful to be part of the regenerative agriculture community who shares a passion for celebrating Earth’s ecosystems with me, and with Propagate. On this Earth Day, let’s all offer cheerful gratitude for Earth’s life-supporting ecosystems!”

Ethan Steinberg
CEO & Co-Founder
Propagate Ventures


Reflections on Learning:

Earth Day is a reminder of the great potential we all still have to continue to learn from each other and from nature.

“This Earth Day, I’m listening to Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, a farmer that Iroquois Valley partners with through financing. Regi speaks so eloquently about decolonizing regenerative agriculture and uplifting Indigenous values of reciprocity with our ecosystems in this podcast.”

Claire Mesesan
VP, Farmer Relations
Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT


Reflections on Taking Action:

“Earth Day is an invitation, a reminder, that radical collaboration is essential in protecting our shared assets, soil, air and water.  We find ourselves on the cusp of incredible solutions, marrying 21st century technology and indigenous wisdom, to regenerate and tend to these shared assets in a way that benefits so many.  The opportunity in front of us is equally as exciting as it is urgent, as we work to scale these solutions with alacrity.”

Robyn O’Brien
rePlant Capital


“This Earth Day, I want people to reflect on how long we have been celebrating Earth Day and what we have learned along the way. Today’s pressing issues are both different and the same as the issues faced around the first Earth Days. Today we are spending time not just educating people about the importance of caring for Earth (although that is still needed), and more time creating, testing and scaling solutions that are structured around the embedded complexities of dealing with natural systems. Solutions like connecting soil health to human gut health, which has a chance to scale interests in both individual growth and restoration of the commons. This is exciting and necessary work that holds promise for catalytic change.”

Tim Crosby
Thread Fund


“Earth Day has historically been an annual revival of the global environmental movement. While broad in its own right, that has not typically included the human social element, other than the inequitable effects of environmental degradation on vulnerable populations. But the systemic connections between humans and the environment, and humans with each other, are deep and inseparable. I live in the Minneapolis metropolitan area and we have been socially ripped apart over the past year in ways that few communities have experienced first hand. My ask is for everyone to think about Earth Day, this year and in the future, as both a remembrance and call to action for humanity on this Earth. In all its forms and in all its ways, humans have the unique power to be agents for all things good. Let us wake up every morning and go to bed every night with that in mind.”

Eric Jackson
Bionutrient Food Association