Raising Regenerative News – April 22, 2021

Raising Regenerative News spoke with stakeholders in our community – people expanding and scaling the environmental, climate, health, economic, and social benefits of regenerative agriculture and food – about what Earth Day means for them. Also, the potential of small-scale farming, an update on carbon markets, and much more.

Leading Off: Earth Day – Reflections From Our Community

This year, for the 51st Earth Day, Raising Regenerative News took some time to speak with the stakeholders in our community – people on the ground creating solutions to the challenges of expanding and scaling the environmental, climate, health, economic and social benefits of regenerative agriculture and food – about what Earth Day means for them. Beyond being generally inspired by these perspectives, we found their thoughts to be a beautiful reflection of what this day was designed for back in 1970: to celebrate and raise awareness about environmental protection, as well as to generate action for change.  Read more

Agriculture’s Greatest Myth:

Who Says Small-scale Farming Can’t Feed the World?
Sustainable, local, organic food grown on small farms regenerates rural communities; it doesn’t pollute rivers and groundwater or create dead zones; it can save coral reefs; it doesn’t encroach on rainforests; it preserves soil and it can restore the climate. Why do all governments not promote it?  Read more

Carbon Markets:

New Merger Creates Certified Solution for Soil Carbon Storage
Grassroots Carbon Public Benefit LLC combines access to regenerative landowners, value-generating rotational grazing software, and a soil carbon mapping data solution, with the delivery of proven and independently certified carbon credits.  Read more

Regen Network Closes Lucrative Private Token Sale Round
The private token sale raise of just over $10.5 million from 216 unique investors, along with a prior sale to Microsoft, positions Regen Network as one of the most exciting and promising environmental blockchain projects to date.  Read more

The Carbon Market Gold Rush in American Agriculture via Bloomberg Green

Opinion: A Farmers Carbon Market Shouldn’t Be Left to the Government via Bloomberg Opinion

Regen Ag Across the Value Chain:

How Regenerative Agriculture Affects Crop Inputs
Agriculture advocates around the world are eager to prove that agriculture can be a solution to climate change instead of a contributor. This is percolating through the value chain, bubbling up from consumers, to grocers, to food processors, and ultimately to production ag systems.  Read more

Regenerative Agriculture Crucial for Fueling Nestlé’s Success
Working with thousands of farmers across the globe, Nestlé’s success has been built on the back of its farmers. In this View from the Top, Hannah Binns speaks to UK and Ireland responsible sourcing manager Robin Sundaram about how the firm is keeping its producers at its core.  Read more

PepsiCo Unveils Ambitious New Agriculture Goals via Pepsico.com

Collaborative Innovation:

New National Farm-Buying App Launches from the Hudson Valley
GrownBy allows users to find and order from farms in their area. It was developed by Farm Generations, a cooperative made up of farmers and technologists. Lindsey Lusher Shute, CEO of Farm Generations and co-owner of Hearty Roots Farm in Clermont, Columbia County, describes the app’s aim of supporting small farmers not as a question of economics, but of survival.  Read more

Farm Generations CEO, Lindsay Lusher Shute, spoke at RFSI’s 2020 Forum in September 2020. A session about GrownBy and another session called “How to Keep Farmers Farming… and Farming Well” led by Lindsay can be found in our on-demand Replay of the event.

Tackling Climate Change:

Tech Billionaires Are Obsessed with Climate Change
Climate change appears to be high on the agenda for tech billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates but some are questioning whether they’re focusing their efforts on the right areas.  Read more

Google Funnels €10m into Projects Tackling Climate Change
Google’s charitable arm Google.org has outlined how it will allocate a €10m Impact Challenge on Climate funding, naming winners in fields including solar farm optimization and regenerative farming.  Read more

Australia Risks Being Left Behind on Climate: McKibbin via Financial Review

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