RR News Update: November 7, 2019


Former VP Al Gore has focused his climate activism on regenerative ag; Indigo Ag is connecting the dots, creating a package to support growers that ties the company’s online grain marketplace with its new soil carbon trading initiative; a Timberland partnership creates a regenerative supply chain for leather; a movie review of 2040; and much more.


Leading Off:  Former VP Embraces Regenerative Ag in Charge to Halt Climate Change

Al Gore Warns of a Looming Food Crisis Caused by Climate Change

Former Vice President, Al Gore, has been known as a climate activist since the release of his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006. An in depth interview with regenerative ag’s most famous fan.

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Gore Farm is a Training Ground for Averting Climate Catastrophe

On his Tennessee farm, the former VP walks the walk to go along with his talk. The 400 acre farm where his parents raised livestock and grew tobacco is now a laboratory that demonstrates the benefits of regenerative ag.

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In the News:

Can Regenerative Ag Reverse Climate Change? Big Food is Banking on It

NBC News tackles regenerative ag — Regenerative agriculture works to draw carbon out of the atmosphere and into the soil, but there’s an ongoing debate on how much carbon can be stored there and for how long.

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Indigo Launches Service to Help Farmers Adopt Regenerative Practices

The microbial seed treatment and digital technology startup recently launched Indigo Acres, a comprehensive package to support growers transitioning to regenerative farming practices. It connects the company’s online grain marketplace with its new soil carbon trading initiative.

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Regenerative Supply Chains:

Partnership Aims to Build Leather Supply Chain from Regenerative Ranches

Timberland’s partnership with Other Half Processing SBC will source traceable hides from regeneratively-grazed U.S. cattle for select footwear and accessory collections due in fall 2020. Timberland’s use of these hides in its production will directly support the farmers, ranchers and tribes who raise their livestock in a regenerative system.

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The Acres U.S.A. Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show will tackle the challenges of building a regenerative supply chain on it’s opening afternoon, Dec. 10, in a panel discussion featuring a regenerative rancher, Savory Institute and General Mills.

Learn more at www.events.acresusa.com.


Investment Updates:

New Zealand’s Largest Impact Investing Fund Raises $20M

The Purpose Capital Impact Fund (PCIF) has achieved its ‘first close’ target of raising $20m and is now ready to begin investing in projects nationwide including regenerative agriculture on dairy farms, urban transportation, green housing, and more.

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AgSharks Features Companies Aiming to Solve Ag’s Most Critical Issues

Western Growers and S2G Ventures have chosen five finalists to compete in the 2019 AgSharks Competition on November 12. The selected startups will compete for $250,000 in investment capital and access to farmland to pilot their innovations. Read more


Farming Strategies:

Planting Native Prairie Could Be a Secret Weapon for Farmers

On one Iowa farm, researchers and farmers are discovering benefits to the soil, water, biodiversity, and more. The buzzing of bees and insects tells the story.

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Innovation in the Spotlight:

Regenerative Ag One of Innovations Accelerating a Clean Economy

Nori, a blockchain-backed carbon removal credit marketplace, was one of the innovators that stood out at the Verge Accelerate pitch competition where exciting ideas in emerging markets were abundant.

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Interesting Opinions:

A Case for Rotational Grazing

Lorraine Gordon of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance wants to end the misinformation and oversimplification about the environmental impacts of grazing animals by helping people see the real economic opportunity of carbon farming and understand the science.

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Water Quality Should Have Been an Issue in NZ Emissions Plan

“The Conversation” looks at the New Zealand government’s recent partnership with the farming sector to quantify and price farm emissions. What is missing is the link between agricultural emissions and water.

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What We’re Reading:

How to Mobilize Funds for the Planet – The Ins and Outs of Green Finance

Green Finance 101 looks at the key players in the rapidly growing field and how they are working together to mobilize funds for restoration, climate, and other green investments.

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Students Learn Permaculture and Regenerative Agroforestry

Follow Northeastern students doing co-ops at a farm in the mountainous rainforest of Costa Rica. A former pig farm and cattle ranch has been transformed from a barren landscape into VerdEnergia Pacifica, a regenerative agroforestry project and eco-education center with a mission of reforestation and sustainable living.

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Movie Review:

What the World Could Be in 2040 If We Took Climate Change Seriously

Director Damon Gameau created the documentary 2040 as a love letter to his 4-year-old daughter, showing people what her future will look like. The film paints a compelling vision for a better tomorrow: one that we already have the technology to make a reality.

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In Case You Missed It:

Finding Hope in the World’s Greatest Food Challenges

In honor of World Food Day on Oct. 16, Raising Regenerative spoke with two different leaders in the space to get their perspective on the biggest challenges facing the food system. Caesaré Assad of Food System 6 and Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance open up about the culture of cheap food, bio-diversity, and their hopes for the future.

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