Brief: Terra Global Capital Secures $640 Million for Work on Nature-based Climate Solution Financing

Nature-based climate solution financing company, Terra Global Capital, LLC, has secured $640 million from Anew Climate, LLC, a leading climate solutions portfolio company of TPG.

The capital has been allocated to equity in the company and serves as an anchor investment in Terra Global’s new investment vehicle, the Terra Bella Nature-based Solutions Carbon Pool (TB-NBS Pool). TB NBS Pool is designed to finance the development of high-impact, multiple-benefit, verified emission reduction and removal projects in developing and emerging economies. The vehicle seeks to create climate change mitigation benefits on up to 20 million hectares of improved forest and managed land and will direct additional private sector climate finance funds to host countries. A press release added that Anew’s commitment, along with capital from other investors, will be channeled to REDD+ and other sustainable landscape programs.

Terra Global is a woman-run, for-profit social enterprise and small business that develops and finances nature-based climate solutions to produce positive social and environmental impacts. The team has worked on projects in 31 countries – in Latin America, Africa, Asia and North American – where they have designed and supported the implementation of REDD+ and other sustainable landscape programs from the project to national scale. The company’s activities span the full nature-based solutions value chain, including program design, science-backed proprietary analytics, participatory monitoring approaches, and locally aligned business management training. The Company works on the ground to build local partners’ investment readiness to attract private sector climate financing and provide upfront funding that generates new carbon revenue streams designed to provide lasting benefits for rural communities in critical landscapes. 

“With Anew’s investment, we gain catalytic financial support to propel our growth and help deliver meaningful investment capital to NBS projects globally. Anew’s strong position in environmental markets under the leadership of CEO Angela Schwarz, along with their affiliation with TPG Rise, makes them an ideal investor for us to scale the expertise we have developed over the years,” said Leslie Durschinger, founder, CEO and CIO of Terra Global. 

She adds in comments to RSFI News that “Conservation agricultural and the establishment of agroforestry systems are important components of the sustainable landscape programs that the Terra Bella Nature-based Solutions Carbon Pools seeks to promote. They serve to reduce pressure on forests, increase tree cover, improve food security, and support increased incomes for rural communities.”

View full press release here.