RFSI’s Top 10 Stories of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we are delighted to share with you the most read stories from RFSI News this year.

This was a tremendous year for growth in regenerative food systems – as awareness and interest in allocating capital to those building solutions for new food and finance systems grew. This was most notable in the U.S. government’s allocation to climate smart agriculture projects through their Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities grant program, but was also echoed from funders of all kinds – from philanthropy to debt financing to venture capital. As more capital comes to the space, it’s important to continue to align the different forms of capital with the goals and principles of regeneration, as well as desired impacts and outcomes. This is a topic we began to explore in 2022 and will continue to dig deeper into in 2023.

  1. How Investment Capital Can Enable Profitable Regenerative Agriculture Read more
  2. Aligning the Mission: How to Bring More Impact Investors to Regenerative Agriculture Read more
  3. Venture Capital’s Emerging Role in Driving Regeneration Read more
  4. USDA Lays Out Frameworks for Investing in a More Just and Resilient Food System Read more (Plus: The USDA also made waves this year with their Climate Smart Commodities funding, through which they have awarded $3 billion in funding across different partnerships aimed to create a stronger, healthier food system.)
  5. Investing in the Invisible Middle of Agriculture Read more
  6. Biome Capital Partners Reimagines Food Systems Investment Read more
  7. The Role of Debt Financing in Fueling Regeneration Read more
  8. Propagate Raises $10 Million Series A to Fuel Efforts to Scale Agroforestry Industry Read more
  9. Are Regenerative Certifications Poised to Drive Market Growth? Read more (And here’s a helpful Regenerative Certifications Cheat Sheet!)
  10. Chapul Farms Raises $2.5 Million, Partners with Nexus PMG to Scale Insects as Waste and Climate Solution Read more

We hope you enjoy a look back at this year’s top stories, and we look forward to bringing you even more stories in 2023!