Raising Regenerative News – April 8, 2021

2021 is seeing a rise in innovative projects designed to combat climate change: carbon capture, forest restoration, and renewable fuels are just some of the projects we highlight in this issue. Read on for news of regenerative ag around the world, investment news, new podcasts, and much more.

Leading Off: Innovative Projects in the Spotlight

We’ve Got Carbon Capture All Wrong
Carbon capture is viewed by many as a last resort. But in the race to tackle the climate crisis, intelligently taking advantage of natural processes will be key. Read more

Start-ups Bring Cutting-edge Tech to Forest Restoration
The Trillion Trees Challenge, launched by 1t.org and UpLink, calls for solutions and innovations to end the loss of forests, which are critical to the health of the planet. Despite significant efforts, the world continues to lose about 15 billion trees a year. Read more

Flying Start for Renewable Fuels Project in Australia
A $2 billion Australian project that aims to turn agricultural crop waste into renewable energy and fuels is off to a flying start in maize fields in northern Victoria. The project will see grains grown for food, and their stalks and waste converted to renewable fuels. Read more

Technology’s role in advancing regenerative agriculture will be a topic featured at the May RFSI Australia event. View the full agenda here

Regenerative Supply Chains:

Simple Mills Launches Its First Organic Cracker Product
Simple Mills established direct contracts with several Midwestern farmers who grew an organic sunflower crop to be used in the new line. These partnerships provide financial incentives to support and encourage the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices.  Read more

Regenerative Ag: Soil Health, Herd Health, Human Health
Farmers have been conscious of the need to regenerate and protect soils and waterways for centuries. While some practices of the past might not meet today’s definition of regenerative agriculture or high-level criteria regarding its implementation, many initiatives are not new concepts.  Read more

Why Regenerative Agriculture Must Be Measured via New Hope Network

“Regenerative” is the New Buzzword in Fashion – Can it Stay Meaningful? via The Financial Times

In Case You Missed It:

RFSI Australia to Elevate Regenerative Ag Investing in Oceania Region
Investments in regenerative agriculture not only support carbon sequestration to combat climate change but also offer numerous other ecological, economic, and social benefits. The opportunity is strong but not widely understood and barriers to expansion and investment exist. Regenerative Food Systems Investment (RFSI) is launching a two-day virtual event focused on catalyzing conversation and action around investment in regenerative agriculture in Australia and the Oceania region. Read more and register

Investment News:

Real Estate Investors Eye Regenerative Ag
A hot-topic tool to achieve carbon sequestration is to shift farming from a large-scale industrial agriculture approach to a regenerative agriculture approach. Learn what regenerative agriculture is, what a shift to regenerative farming might entail, and how an investor can utilize this information to make sound investing decisions.  Read more

Gullspång Re:food Invests in Food Waste-Reducing Platform
Matsmart-Motatos is one of the first companies to successfully transform food waste into new revenue streams at a meaningful scale. The company, one of the fastest-growing in the Nordics, takes care of food that otherwise would have been wasted from producers and sells it to consumers through its e-commerce platform.  Read more

Calls For Regenerative Ag Around The World:

India’s Farmer Protests Are Also About Climate Change
Indian farmers have been camping out at border points around New Delhi since November to protest three agriculture reform bills enacted in September. Pro-farmer advocates say that the changes, which let large agribusinesses enter the market, will only increase climate woes in the country that ranks third in the world in emission of greenhouse gases.  Read more

Farmers in Ghana Petition Government to Invest in Agro-ecology
Farmers Associations have appealed to the government to consider investing in agro-ecology to help address the impact of climate change on smallholder farmers in Ghana. Read more

What We’re Listening To:

Ground Cover: Leading a Movement with Lorraine Gordon
Ground Cover, an Australian podcast series exploring stories of land managers who have undertaken the transition from conventional farming to regenerative agriculture, speaks with the founder of the National Regenerative Agriculture Alliance. Listen here

Regen Farming Isn’t Enough,We Need Regenerative Enterprises
New Foundation Farms CEO Marcus Link discusses how soil is an economy and the trading platform of ecology and how investors should view regenerative enterprise, not as a short-term fair return, but rather a systematic change and fair return in value.  Listen here

What We’re Reading:

Danone Institute North America Welcomes Applications for Grant Program to Advance Stronger and More Sustainable Food Systems via PRNewsire

Biden Mulls Giving Farmers Billions to Fight Climate Change. Even Farmers Are Unsure About the Plan via Politico

Seven Ways to Fight for Food Justice via Food Tank


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