Raising Regenerative News – August 5, 2021

The California drought and its impact on organic and regenerative growers – 40% of U.S. organic production comes from the state – headlines this issue of Raising Regenerative News. We also look at how indigenous farmers influence the food system, sustainable innovation in the food supply chain, carbon markets, and more

Leading Off: California Drought Implications

Why the California Drought is a Major Problem for All of Us 
California is responsible for 40% of U.S. organic production, and the drought that California is enduring will have massive implications for our country’s organic food supply, not to mention the environment and the livelihood of farmers. While food shortages and disruptions may not be readily apparent in our local supermarkets just yet, many of California’s organic farmers are already feeling its effects. Read more

Inclusive Food Systems

Why Indigenous Economics is the Key to Saving Nature
Western economics is not only destroying the environment. It is also destroying Indigenous peoples’ holistic development models that ensure balance with nature, and provide alternative paradigms for sustainable development. Read more

More Inclusive Food Systems And Innovative SMEs in Focus at UN Food Systems Pre-Summit
One key takeaway from the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit is that advancing a policy framework and innovative solutions to improve access to healthy and sustainable food will require multi-sectoral engagement. Read more

Building Regenerative Food Supply Chains

Profits, Not Just Purpose: The $6T Opportunity in Sustainable Food
The economic opportunity of disrupting the US$8-10 trillion-dollar food sector though a focus on sustainable innovation is significant. Investment funds FTW Ventures and Obvious Ventures weigh in on the technology and trends they are betting on. Read more

How Simple Mills Is Supporting Regenerative Agriculture
The company is focused on understanding ingredients that are inherently better for the soil and communities. Read more

A New Regenerative Food Company With Biodiversity Built In
Good Sam Foods wants to be a food company centered around regenerative agriculture. Read more

Report Alert!

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture: Voices from the Field
A new report from Pathstone looks at what can be done by investors to help make substantive improvements to the food system. Read more

Carbon Markets

As Carbon Markets Reward New Efforts, Will Regenerative Farming Pioneers Be Left in the Dirt?
Carbon markets are taking off, but the financial rewards may go to farms adding new practices, rather than those already drawing down carbon into the soil. Read more

Opinion: Carbon Markets, Regenerative Ag and Policy, A Balancing Act
Along with the buzz about regenerative agriculture and carbon markets comes a healthy amount of skepticism and confusion, including the still emerging role of government. Read more

What We Are Listening To

Mark Drewell on Raising £20M to Build UK’s Biggest Regenerative Farm
Mark Drewell is Executive Chairman of New Foundation Farms, an enterprise raising 20 million pounds to buy a thousand acres in the UK. Their goal is to build a regenerative AgriFood enterprise, which will produce food and fiber in order to support soils, communities, and health. They call this radical natural farming. Listen here

Regenerative in Practice

Edge of Field Practices Can Help Food and Ag Companies Meet Sustainability Goals
To truly achieve a regenerative food system, we need to embrace a broad suite of scientifically proven solutions. Read more

Why Regenerative Agriculture is Food’s Latest Buzzword
Everyone from small farms to McDonald’s is getting involved in regenerative agriculture. Will it point the way to a better future for farming? Read more

What We’re Reading

Regenerative Agriculture’s Promise of a Better Food System via Environmental Leader

As Global ESG Nears High, Greenwashing Is ‘Major Concern’ via Globe St

Sustainable Agriculture Finance Guidance Launched in New Zealand via Scoop

Regenerative Agriculture Won’t Solve the Fashion Industry’s Pollution Problems via Green Biz


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