Raising Regenerative News – January 14, 2021

Our first issue of 2021 reports on some exciting new investment opportunities and news about growing interest in carbon markets. Our Regenerative Insights series focuses on compelling voices in the regenerative space. , We recognize that added attention comes with added scrutiny for regenerative after a big year, and more.

Leading Off: Investment News

ReNature Raises Seed Funding to Scale Regenerative Agroforestry
Amsterdam-based startup reNature has raised $677,000 in seed funding from private investors to support the adoption and scaling of regenerative agriculture. Read more

Consumer Companies Are Accelerating Investment In Regen
Regenerative agriculture is inclined to attract more investments from consumer companies of all sizes amid increasing consumer demand for sustainable products. Read more

$10M Initiative Seeks to Boost Farmers, Economy, and Environment 
Funded by a $10 million grant from the USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture, Grassland 2.0 brings together farmers, researchers, food processors, and government officials to find new opportunities for grazing and other perennial grassland farming practices. Read more

Regenerative Insights:

Adrian Rodrigues of Provenance Capital Group
The Co-Founder and Managing Director of Provenance Capital sat down with Raising Regenerative News late last year to share some of his thoughts on investment in regenerative agriculture, the food system, and the barriers we face in creating a healthier future. Read more

To learn more about Adrian’s work in this emerging investment space, check out a recent executive profile in the San Francisco Business Chronicle here.

The Great Carbon Opportunity:

How Carbon-smart Farming is Catalyzing the Big Bucks Needed to Transform the Way America Eats
It’s regenerative agriculture’s potential as a carbon sink that’s driving millions of corporate and investor dollars into soil-climate initiatives. This trend represents something of a game-changer, a level of investment in sustainable farming that never has happened before. Read more

Agriculture Industry Bets on Carbon as a New Cash Crop
While big companies and startups jockey to pay farmers for capturing greenhouse gases in fields, environmental groups question the impact of carbon credits. Read more

Regenerative Ag Under a Microscope:

Study on Regenerative Grazing Complicates Climate Optimism
A new, peer-reviewed paper on White Oak Pastures’ practices advances our understanding of the climate impact of beef and the potential for regenerative grazing to store carbon in the soil. Read more

Regenerative Ag Gets Closer Scrutiny After Big Year
Regenerative ag received tremendous media attention when Cargill committed to 10 million regenerative acres of farmland by 2030. But more attention usually means more scrutiny. Read more

Regenerative Food & Drink:

Quinn Snacks Cultivates Farmer-food Brand Relationships
A growing number of food companies, particularly smaller brands, are connecting with regenerative farmers to produce high-quality, nutrient dense foods, while helping to build markets for regenerative crops and supporting the farmers. Read more

Winery to Receive World’s First Regenerative Organic Certificate
Tablas Creek Vineyard is the first winery in the world to receive the Regenerative Organic Certificate (ROC), a certification dedicated to organic and biodynamic farming, with an emphasis on climate change and reforming agriculture. Read more

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