Raising Regenerative News – July 23, 2020

We focus on a very busy period of investment in regenerative companies, including Lakota owned Native American Natural Foods, to lead off this issue of Raising Regenerative News. Read about regenerative challenges around water and soil, measuring the impact of investment, regenerative grazing, fixing the broken food system, and more

Leading Off: Investment Activity in Regenerative Ag

Native American Natural Foods Announces Capital Investment
The Native American owned and operated company announced the closing of a multi-million-dollar equity capital investment. The effort will support growth of the company’s TANKA Bar and a line of meat and fruit products that replicate the time-honored recipes of their Lakota ancestors. Read more

DOEN Foundation Supporting Regenerative Agriculture Startup
In an effort to increase the Dutch foundation’s response to the increasing demand for agroforestry, DOEN has committed to support reNature, a startup that develops and realizes regenerative agriculture projects worldwide and is a thought leader in the field of agricultural sustainability.  Read more

Pasture-raised Egg Producer Vital Farms Files for IPO via FoodDive

Regenerative Challenges: Water & Soil

How Landowners Keep Farmers From Protecting Water And Soil
Corn and soybeans cover an area of the United States equal in size to all the East Coast states from New York to Georgia. It has displaced wildlife and left the soil more vulnerable to water and wind erosion. An Iowa State University professor is promoting ways to use regenerative practices to mitigate these issues. Will landowners get onboard with farmers? Read more

Cargill Commits to Restoring 600 Billion Liters of Water by 2030
Reliable access to clean water is essential for people and agriculture. Cargill has committed to developing and accelerating agriculture solutions that protect and enhance water resources by setting new global targets to achieve sustainable water management by 2030.  Read more

Bringing Impact Front & Center:

Pipeline Foods Publishes 2019 Corporate Impact Report
Pipeline Foods LLC, the first U.S.-based supply chain solutions company focused exclusively on non-GMO, organic, and regenerative food and feed, has released its 2019 Corporate Impact Report. The report marks a critical step in the company’s ability to define and measure progress on impact KPIs.  Read more

Turning to Strategic Investments to Drive Sustainable Innovation
With more than $22 trillion of balance sheet cash – and the ability to raise significant capital through instruments like green bonds – corporates have an immense opportunity to accelerate sustainability by leveraging their core businesses, operations, and global supply chains.  Read more

Regenerative Farming:

What is Regenerative Grazing?
Grasslands are a vital yet often under-represented landscape in our global ecosystem. They store most of the carbon they sequester from the atmosphere deep under the soil surface as organic matter which is why the great food growing regions of the world are former grasslands, not forests. Surprisingly though, grasses need to be grazed to thrive. Read more

Regenerative Farming and Fixing the ‘Broken’ Food System
Eric Soubeiran, vice-president of nature and water cycle at Danone, explains that weaning the company off intensive farming is at the core of a new sustainability mission that aims to make the French company one of the first B Corps certified multinationals.  Read more

Multi Media:

Eat It, Wear It, Regenerate It – Meet the Brands Leading Regen Ag
Robby Sansom, CEO of Force of Nature Meats joins the Eat it. Wear it. Regenerate it. video series. This is the first in a series of live interviews from Savory’s Land to Market team, diving deep with the brands supporting regenerative ag and revolutionizing supply chains.  Watch here

What Would You Do with a $1 Billion Dollar Investment Fund?
John Kempf, founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) discusses his book on Regenerative Agriculture, developing AI agronomists, and influencing farmers to ask better questions on the Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Foodpodcast.  Listen here

In Case You Missed It:
Regenerative Ag Investment Aims High, Focusing on Soil, Steady Growth
Raising Regenerative spoke with three fund managers who focus on direct investment in farmland and farms about the specific sets of criteria they look for before deciding to invest in, employ or work with particular farmers. Read more

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