Raising Regenerative News – November 19, 2020

A new report highlights key barriers facing a move by farmers and ranchers towards a healthy, resilient, and regenerative food and ag system; we offer perspectives on what President-elect Biden might mean for agriculture; the Farm Bureau joins environmental groups to take on climate change, new investment activity; and more

Leading Off: New Report Lays Roadmap for Regenerative Agriculture Funders & Stakeholders

Identifying Key Levers & Opportunities for Adoption of Regenerative Ag
Barriers for Farmers & Ranchers to Adopt Regenerative Ag Practices in The U.S. report highlights the key barriers farmers and ranchers are facing in moving towards a healthy, resilient, and regenerative food and ag system and illuminate critical pathways to support the breaking down of these barriers.
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What President-Elect Biden May Mean for Agriculture

Here’s How Joe Biden Could Cultivate a More Sustainable Food System
A short thought experiment leads to three suggestions of things a Biden administration can focus on: spanning farm spending, technical support, and farmers of color.  Read more

Climate is Likely to Be a High Priority for Biden Administration
Officials predict that under a climate bill, agriculture could see benefits for carbon sequestration, no-till, and other conservation practices.  Read more

What Pick for USDA Chief Will Reveal About How Biden Intends to Govern
The frontrunners, former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge, would please very different constituencies.  Read more

Biden Could Do a Lot to Fight Factory Farming Even Without Congress
The USDA is one of the key agencies that will determine if factory farming continues unabated after expanding during the Trump administration, or shrinks and reforms.  Read more

An Unlikely Alliance

Farm Bureau Joins Environmental Groups to Take on Climate Change
The new group will try to advance climate policies, even as some of its members are likely to clash. Critics say the group’s efforts won’t go far enough.  Read more

Investment Activity

Continuum Ag Receives $50,000 Investment
The Iowa-based startup, which steers farmers to practices and products proven to work with biology, received the initial investment from Ag Startup Engine and Ag Ventures Alliance. Their goal is to facilitate a profitable transition to regenerative agriculture.
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Lombard Odier Launches Natural Capital Strategy
Natural Capital will target investments that accelerate the transformation towards a circular bioeconomy and a leaner form of industry, creating an opportunity to invest in public companies that leverage the regenerative power of nature.  Read more

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