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RFSI News is an online news source covering the latest developments in regenerative agriculture and food investment.

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Here you’ll find updates on the investment deals, on-going research, curated news from around the industry and insight from the players already operating in the space.

Raising Regenerative News – August 20, 2020

Big money investors and philanthropists are starting to show serious interest in regenerative agriculture; how will this impact the future of farming? Raising Regenerative News also looks at regenerative efforts in products from beer to potatoes to menswear. Listen to podcasts about agroforestry and a farmers first marketplace, and more ...
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Raising Regenerative News – August 6, 2020

More big investment news from Indigo Ag and Cooks Venture leads off our latest issue of Raising Regenerative News. Colorado farmers and major investors pitch climate change solutions on Capitol Hill, interesting insights on regenerative, the future of organic coffee, carbon labels on food packaging, two new podcasts, and more ...
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Read Joins NewAg Partners’ Board of Directors, Will Chair Investment Committee

NewAg Partners is proud to announce the appointment of Russell Read, CFA, Ph.D. as a director and Chairman of the Investment Committee. Dr. Read is managing partner of the C Change Group (‘C Change’) which will become a shareholder in NewAg. C Change focuses on initiatives which can materially and ...
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Raising Regenerative News – July 23, 2020

We focus on a very busy period of investment in regenerative companies, including Lakota owned Native American Natural Foods, to lead off this issue of Raising Regenerative News. Read about regenerative challenges around water and soil, measuring the impact of investment, regenerative grazing, fixing the broken food system, and more ...
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Raising Regenerative News – July 9, 2020

“Profit” is a key word as we look at how farmers and ranchers are finding profitability in regenerative agriculture. In Point & Counterpoint, we look at mixed reviews of a much-discussed World Resources Institute blog about sequestering carbon through regenerative ag. Soil news, investment activity, a new podcast, and more ...
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RR News Update – June 25, 2020

In an exclusive article, Raising Regenerative spoke with three fund managers who focus on direct investment in farmland and farms about the specific sets of criteria they look for before deciding to invest in, employ or work with particular farmers. Another busy period of investment activity and news, and more ...
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Regenerative Ag Investment Aims High by Focusing on Soil, Steady Growth

Fund Managers Talk Blueprints for Investing in Regenerative Agriculture By Leigh Glenn, Raising Regenerative News Direct investment in farmland and farm operations that follow regenerative practices is one of six investment strategies within the sustainable food and ag investment sector. It also represents the largest amount of investment, nearly $90 ...
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RR News Update – June 11, 2020

Investment in regenerative ag has picked up with the launch of Soilworks Natural Capital, a deal between Timberland and Savory Institute, and a new round of funding from Propagate Ventures. We offer resources to promote racial equity in regenerative ag, new studies, podcasts, news from around the industry, and more ...
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Regenerative Ag Investment Firm Launches with Acquisition of PastureMap

By Sarah Day Levesque, Managing Director, Regenerative Food Systems Investment -- Soilworks Natural Capital, a B-Corporation devoted to expanding the Regenerative Agriculture economy, launched today with the announcement of its first acquisition. The firm, founded by tech entrepreneurs Lew Moorman and Ed Byrne, acquired California-based PastureMap, the leading provider of ...
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RR News Update – May 28, 2020

Will small, independent farmers facing bankruptcy spur impact investment in farms and the supply chain that serves them? Raising Regenerative also delves into the role of meat in the post-COVID food system, advances in regenerative agriculture around the world, new regen ag-based webinars and documentaries, some interesting opinions, and more ...
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